Eco Lodge - Hinter Laand


Hinterlaand is not a conventional resort. It’s a refurbished old house which can accommodate a large family, a close-knit group of friends, or two modest-sized families, at the most. It’s a home with all the comforts you would expect, without any of the annoyances associated with large establishments a place where you can unwind and enjoy the ideal private holiday. In the regally furnished bungalow, there’s ample room. You can dine in splendid style or drift off to the land of nod on blissful beds in the two air-conditioned bedrooms.

To make sure you don’t miss the latest series you follow, there’s satellite television. And a music and video system that will play all the discs you bring along. There is an efficient set of staff that will cook and serve your food and do your laundry.

Stately rocking chairs on the breezy verandahs, front and back, and a spacious patio at the rear, round off the perfect picture. No better way to let all the natural goodness seep in. Or to just laze and dream all you want.

If you really want to let your hair down or let the kids have a wild time, there’s the Canopy, a spacious pavilion in the garden. If you’re in the mood to make merry, uncork a couple of bottles in the evening, and dance under the stars. The surroundings are pretty well lit.

The Canopy is also a good spot to do your yoga exercises in the morning or catch up on your calisthenics, or aerobic work-out. Joggers can trot around almost anywhere while the little ones can entertain themselves on the grounds and a rustic swing.





Room Type
Room Description
AC Double Room with Complementary Kerala Breakfast
Rs. 6000 per/day
AC Double Room with Complementary Kerala Breakfast
Rs. 3000 per/day




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